"To Build a Person"

If you could build a person, Would you want them to be like you? Would you give them your attitude?

Would you give them your love for fellow man? Would you give them your respect for yourself and others, or your ability to do the best you can?

Would you give them your clear conscience, your ability to care for God and yourself too, or would you say, "This would not be the things to do?"

If you could build a person, would they be just like you, or would you want to change a thing or two?

You can build a person, and you can start today. This person is you, this day is yours, so start today to build anew.

Put your trust in God, your faith in Christ too, and you will say, "This would be the things to do."

Written by Bob Wood

 Romans 12:18. If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

It seems it has become a fad to critique those around us.  It is amusing how those that are not preachers, seem to know exactly how a preacher should act, talk, preach and so much more. If church attendance is down let's get a new pastor.  We've had a losing streak so let's get a new coach.  We live in a world of disposable children, families, marriages, churches.  It seems folks feel if they blow out the other fellow's candle, it won't look so bad that theirs is so dim.  I have learned that if we look more on what we have in common than we do our differences, we become more one body, on more level ground and we can now concentrate on Christ.  This should be whom we all have in common that are servants of Christ.

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