Today is a great day and to compare to another, there really is no way.

Today is not tomorrow, for we know not what tomorrow may hold, but that of tomorrow, will be another day old.

Today is not yesterday, as yesterday is gone, but today is a gift, that I may carry on.

Today I praise the Lord in song, for often was the time, I felt that today might not come along.

Today I praise God for much success in my life, which often has been shaded, by too much thought of strife.

Today I'll have hardships, of this I am most sure, but I know it's the hardships, that make my life more pure.

Today I'll see the dew, and I will smell the rain, but today of the mud, I will not complain.

Today with those I will meet, and to them I do greet, I'll do it with a smile, that they too may go another mile.

Today I'll tell a child of all the good in them I see, so too, a good adult they will one day be.

Today I thank God that today came along, and dwell on the life that is good, and not on all that is wrong.

Written by Bob Wood


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