"Today Is Special"

I've seen folks with special things. They had special rooms, meant for special company. They had special china, for special guests. They had special clothes for special occasions. They had special perfume to be worn only at special times. It made me wonder, to prove who is special, what would be the test?

Would a Mom be special? Does she have a special smile, for her special family? Does she work especially hard for the ones she loves? Is she different than any other Mom? Then surely, she is special. Is your Dad special? Would you trade him for another dad?

Is your family special? Would we clean our house extra clean, if we heard special people were soon to arrive? Who is more special than your family, than your children, your wife, your Husband or Friends?

Who are these special people, that we are saving all these special things?

Today is Special, for there will never be another day like today. This is the day to pick those flowers, make that call, make a date with your son or daughter.

Today is Special, so share it with the ones you love. Wear that special perfume. Take that special trip, give a special hug, a special smile, a special prayer, and give a special kiss to that special someone.

Don't wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow may be too late.

Today is Special.

Written by Bob Wood

Deuteronomy 7: 6 ... For thou art a holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

We are holy because we have been saved through and because of Jesus Christ.. God never made mankind to have fellowship with the devil, to go to hell, or to live in misery because of the devil.. God made us to enjoy, to have fellowship with and to share all the joys He created, that He Himself described as very good.. He even sent Adam Eve to help him enjoy life together, with God. To God you are special.. He sent you a special life with special children, family, sites, smells, beauties, friends and more joys that are special than we can mention in this lifetime.. A sunset is more enjoyed when there is someone to share it with.. Share your love with someone today.. For those you meet on the street, try it with a smile.. If your love seems a little weak today, try sharing it with someone else.. After they and God have worked with it a while, it will come back to you stronger than ever.. May God Really Bless You!! Keep Shining and Be as Good As You Can Be, and When You have a chance You Pray for Me!

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