"Today Could Be The Day"

Have you ever hoped the day would be, from pain and sorrow to be free?

Today could be the day with the eyes of Christ, you will finally see, that in this world, there is someone very special for you and for me.

Today could be the day your best friend will come along, and will love you always, through right and wrong.

Do you know God has made someone special, just for you, and there is just one, for when you say I do?

Today could be the day, that special one comes along, and your life will be more than mere music,but a complete song.

Have you ever had a day you felt a need just to be held, as you felt so blue, and you really needed someone that you could talk to?

Today could be the day, that they might come to you, and soon you will wonder, how you could have ever been so blue.

Today could be the day, and this I ask just for you, in Jesus name I pray!

Written by Bob Wood

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Copyright 1998 Bob Wood 

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