"To Make You Happy"

To make you happy, I would teach you to see, the best part of life, really is free.

I'd show you a little boy, though to be a man one day soon, now eating watermelon without a spoon.

I'd show you a little snaggle toothed girl, though one day to be a mom, now her biggest job, is eating corn on the cob.

I'd show you a daddy, though as a youth somewhat wild, now timid and mild, as he holds his little child.

I'd show you a young wife, though she went by the book, a total disaster at her first attempt to cook.

I'd show you a family, as in the altar they kneel, with praise and petition, to God they appeal.

To make you happy, would be this way, to look for the good, each and everyday.

To make you happy, here is what I would say, "Look for and praise God, for each and every joy, you may find along life's way.

Written by Bob Wood


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