" Upward Look"

I'll learn today as I read the book, to fix my eyes in upward look.

I'll walk today as one not blind and look more forward, not behind.

I have no soul as some do groan, but am a soul, my God does own.

I have troubles buried deeply in, but will learn to look out and not within.

This earthen vessel will one day decay, but I with upward look shall fly away.

I'll learn today to look up not down, and offer my life with a smile, not a frown.

Written by Bob Wood

Ecclesiastes 3: 21... Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?

I believe one thing man has trouble understanding, is that our soul will be eternal, whether we send it to heaven or to hell.. God our creator is eternal and He created man in His own image... This means the life God breathed into Adam was created by God to be eternal... Both hell and heaven are real places... God does not send man to hell, rather man chooses whether to follow God through Jesus Christ to heaven, or chooses to follow the devil to hell.. We spend much of our life looking down.. Paul said we have a war within.. This earthen vessel, our body is dying and racing to the dirt from which it came, and the soul is yearning for heaven.. Our body is temporary or mortal but one day will put on eternal or immortal.. While we are looking down in life, we are missing most of God's joys He intends for us to have.. We in downward look see pain, shadows and death, but when we look up, we see light and look to God.. We've been given a great gift by God.. He has given us life and His intention in doing so, was to share that life with Him.. Today thank God for atleast ten joys He has shared in your life.. You are a blessed person, even though the devil sometimes convinces you that you are not.. Today look up not down and beware not to miss your opportunity to help lift another... May God Really Bless You!

Bob Wood

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