"We Laugh"

We laugh to hide a past stained with tears, through this life short though many years.

We laugh to see others smile, to lighten their load for though just a while.

We laugh to see life in colors true, for a brighter day than gray and blue.

We laugh because life is full of sorrow but have hope of joy on the morrow.

We laugh because life is full of pain but hope the best is yet our gain.

We laugh because we are alive and free and though life is full of trouble, God's grace we see.

Written by Bob Wood

Proverbs 17: 22...A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

It has been said, "smile and the world will smile with you."...While this is not completely true, it does have truth...It makes me feel much better to meet one smiling, than to meet one that appears to be eating a lemon...If we spend our time dwelling on all the problems, bad people and wrongs in our life; it will effect our life physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally...I have sat and visited with those that spoke continually of their job, troubles and finances.. When I left, I went away feeling lower than when I started.. I have also visited with those that spoke of good things about life.. They smiled and made me smile as well.. Both of these folks had plenty of bad they could have shared, but the latter chose the attitude of happiness.. I am so convinced that how we act in life, depends on how we react to life.. Today people will be abused, disappointed, hurt and full of pain, but how they react to this will be the key to how, if and when they will heal.. Someone asked my Mamaw one time if she could say anything good about the devil.. She said, "he's a mighty hard worker.".. Others can't even think of one thing good to say about one they love... Today take God's medicine for happiness.. Laugh more.. You will find it has an enormous healing effect on you and those today you meet.. May God Really Bless You!

Bob Wood

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