"What Is life All About"

What is life all about? Is it where we go, or what we have?

What is life all about? Is it who we know, or is it what we share?

Is life full of meaning, or do we really care?

Is life forever an uphill climb, or is life just this moment frozen in time?

Is life being in love, with someone special, from God above?

Is life living its fullest today, or is life always searching for a better way?

Is life worth living, if love has passed you by? Yes life is is worth the world, and from God above, so dry the tears from your eye.

Life is love and is sent from above. It is not to be saved, but spent in a vigorous way, so find life and spend yours today.

Life is about love and how you pray, and life is all you share in God's special way.

What is life all about? It is God's love felt, and His love to share.

It is that one special friend, that has proven they really care.

If You've found God, then you've found love. So then life is sharing all we've been given, and knowing first hand, God is Love.

Written by Bob Wood

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