"When Will It Be Light"

She listens all in the night to hear mom and dad in continual fight.

She has love to give and has her life to live, so why can't those she loves most learn to forgive?

Is it her fault they can't get along, if not what else could be the wrong?

She vows to try harder to do the things so right, and prays all through the night.

She loves them both with all her heart, and she will help them to love again, and today she will start.

She crys in the night, Lord when will be the light?

Dear Lord help her to see this burden is too heavy for her to bear, and mom and dad do still care.

Let her know this darkness so bright is of mom and dad, and she is nor the wrong or the right.

Help her to see this was not her plight, but wrongs by mom and dad, that now does block the light.

Mend now and give her heart ease as you send the light, and remove forever this darkness of night.

Written by Bob Wood



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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood