"While On My Knees"

Man is racing for more gain each day, with hope to find a better way, but neglecting to be thankful that in this great land we live, was made possible because Christ, His life did give.

Today we see churches out of control and not led by God, but run by man and to get their way, their only plan.

They seem blind to a time of regret, since to God they made this threat; if not my way I'll withhold my wealth a tidy sum, but they will be soon reminded from where this wealth did come.

Now man still writes theology to fit his life, but as his fruit receives more strife, and though to most it seems not right, we must give to God our life and He will rewrite.

We often stumble to our knees through life not long, to teach us the best we can do without God, will still be wrong.

We walk this life often with little care, but some find this life is fragile, and we must handle with prayer.

I have found all theology to be no good, until is kneeology understood, and though I still stumble for God and man to please, I have found I stumble least while on my knees.

Written by Bob Wood

Psalms 50:15...and call upon me in the day of trouble: and I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

Psalms 34:6...This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.

This does not mean only (poor) people can reach God, but it does mean, when we realize all we have is God's and or given by God, we realize all are in poverty without God, including ourselves...We should seek Him with all of our heart, (Cried Out)...God certainly knows when you are asking, whether with all of your heart, or for which motive you pray...Some feel God is not listening to them if He does not send them an immediate yes...God does hear an answer all of His children's prayers, with yes, no and wait...He does hear prayers, but what He is listening for most, is your faith...He heard this man's sincerity, and his faith...God expects us to repent of the life we are in...He calls to give us His way, but we must turn from the old way, the troubled life, and look to God ( saved him out of his troubles ). This does not mean after we seek and find God in salvation and or direction, that we will never again have troubles, but it does mean that God is not only the way out of this troubled life, but He is the way to Eternal life...We will have troubles this whole life, ( Job 5:7...Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward )...When we are a Christian, we know we never face any of life's troubles alone...We must pray and seek God's will in all we do...Today pray with all of your heart, in the sincerity of His love.

Bob Wood


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