"Whisper In The Air"

Today after I had knelt in prayer, I heard a whisper in the air.

As the wind brushed my face and moved my hair, I felt God's love in this day so fair.

Many say God is dead alas, but I saw Him moving through the grass.

Up in the sky a hawk does soar, and I wonder why I've not seen it before.

It is still a troubled world we do trod, but we must be still to know that He is God.

This world is screaming and racincg in fear, yet today I know His presence, is more than near.

I see this river ripple free, then a bird touches the water,and tips her hat, just for me.

The frogs are sounding on the banks, as they join in giving thanks.

An otter in a lazy swim passes by, and I see a special gleam in its eye.

The smell of honeysuckles now touch my nose, so sweet and rare, and the sun gently warms my face and melts my care, as I hear a whisper in the air.

The wind again blows softly through the trees, it caresses my lfe with His cooling breeze, and once again I'm on my knees, because I heard a whisper in the air.

Written by Bob Wood


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