"Will You be Missed"

Will one day, when you are laid away, Will they bring your favorite flowers, Will they speak well of you? What will they miss most of you?

Will tears be shed, Will you be missed? Will you be remembered in a Loving way, Will they be glad you came along this way?

Will there be laughter and smiles, from the joy you've shared, Will they know where you've gone, and that you cared?

Will they honor you with your favorite songs, Will the world be a better place, that you have traveled through?

It surely will, if you will love others this very same way, If you will but, give yourself away.

Written by Bob Wood

You have not had the best day of your life yet. Suicide is not an option. Today is tommorrow's good old days. So, live today the very best you can. Pray and ask for strength right now. If you are not a Christian, then ask Jesus Christ into your heart right now.. Bro. Bob Wood

Bob Wood

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