There was a day when I was Young, And God gave me a beautiful Wife,And a Special son.

Times were hard ,and I'd work almost all the time.

But this was the day when I was young, and My life had really just begun.

With my Family, I'd steal a few moments, A precious Few,

To play and love and laugh life through. The Sun was Shining,

But Due to Clouds of Youth, was not getting through.

Then God gave me a beautiful little Girl, and I thought, this has Me further confused.

How can I find more time to play and love and laugh life through?

She would always hug me with both arms, and would touch my Heart all the way through.

She wanted to go fishing and walking.

But this was the day when I was young, and I had so much work to do.

I watched her play ball, and my heart glowed, but now my hugs and Kisses were becoming few.

But I knew this was OK; because I was young, and I had so much work to do.

Then came the day,She'd say I do and I thought my heart would break in two.

She was so beautiful, and her eyes sparkled so. I thought, I wish I'd taken more walks.

I wish I would Have Caught more butterflies, have eaten more ice cream,I wish I had taken time to have more fun.

But then I remembered; That that was Yesterday,

When I was Young...

Written by Bob Wood

For Rita

1 Timothy 4:12

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in coversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

As we grow older and sometimes wiser, it seems our priorities make many changes.. What breaks our heart as a child changes drastically when we become teenagers.. When we are young and in debt and God has given us the gift of family; it is so easy to lose track of what is really most important.. We devote so much time to our work, that we forget why we are working.. I was a lead man over an assembly line many years back and I watched employees drag to work then drag home.. I made a sign that said, "you do not work for this plant, but you work for your family.". Our moral and production immediately picked up.. It does not matter what you do.. You must remember what is most important in your life.. As a pastor, I've learned to teach my church that my priority is as follows: (1)God (2)Family (3)Church. We should always put God first. As a Christian I encourage you to be an example to others everywhere. Live for God by the power of Christ for your family. Pray for your family today. Give them a special hug. Tell them you love and appreciate them. Live with them one day at a time, because time grows shorter each day. Send this to a family member. Have a Great day and may God Really Bless You! Today be as good as you can be, and when you have a chance, you pray for me.

Written by Bob Wood

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