"Yesterday's Tomorrow"

Many of our yesterdays seem most far away and we often wonder how so quickly went each day.

We simply turned our heads as today became our past and now we wonder how any could have gone so fast.

Our life we thought would be long with many a winding turn but now to slow down is what we so yearn.

We've pulled hard together with each hill our main concern but now as time flies; we see there is no return.

Once in our life the future seemed dark and far away but now here it shines with the brightness of this most present day.

As even we look on this starry starry night; we wonder had we slowed down, could we more effected our life right.

Many friends we have met on this trip along the way and we've shared life's colors, both blue and gray.

Now as I look into your eyes, though darkness falls on this day; I see the light you had as we first began just yesterday.

If tomorrow never comes as one of us must leave; you will take the biggest part of my heart but please do not grieve.

For we have been together and life's valleys and hills we've shared, with our love from God and I'm so glad this much time has spared.

I've often wondered why is life so quickly past and I've pondered ways to make it last.

All that I can come up with and all that I can do, is to spend as much time with the gift I've been given in you.

So today I'll love you the best that I can do and pray we share this love until the last tomorrow is finally through.

We share the future knowing that tomorrow is already here and we look forward to tomorrow, as we know today is yesterday's tomorrow, seen now most clear.

Written by Bob Wood

Job 8:8.. For inquire, I pray thee, of the former age, And apply thyself to that which their fathers have searched out: ..9.. (For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, Because our days upon earth are a shadow);

We often get so involved in gaining the prize that we miss the joy of our teammates. We want homes, land, cars and much more for our family to enjoy, while often not getting to enjoy the family that God has given us and we love so very much. Husbands and wives feel that they will one day slow down and then spend some time together; then one of them dies. I have a wonderful family full of children and grandchildren. I so want to spend more time with them and yet this world seems to be kicking into overdrive. All that I see now, seem to be holding on as hard as they can. I saw a lady at the car wash the other day. She put her money in and the best that I could figure is she was trying to see how many times she could run around her car for a dollar. We in our life do this sometimes. We must get this much done and it must be done this way, whether the car is cleaned or not. I pray with you today, that we spend more time in prayer to our Father in heaven in Jesus Christ's name and that we spend more time with the ones we love. I told my wife I was a gift from God to her and she gave me a look as to say, "I wonder what I did to make God mad." I challenge you to use today most wisely. Tell your husband, wife, chidren, other family members and others special to you, that you love them. Enjoy God's gift of love by giving it away. Keep on the sunny side and keep smiling. Keep shining and be as good as you can be and when you have a chance; you pray for me. May God Really bless You!

Bob Wood

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