"You Are A Rose"

What a time we have as this life grows and how it will turn none really knows.

One day dark is life and then so bright, and we all look more forward to the light.

The beauty of life I suppose, does compare most closely to a precious rose.

At an abandoned home one day I saw, a bud so bright with not a flaw.

On a thorny cane atop a hill, my eyes were drawn, I stood quite still.

Each petal began its unfold with each a story not yet told.

The bud was the most special that I have known, and too with each petal I have grown.

This was the first snow flake that hit my nose, and was the Christmas excitement as a child.

This was the time through the ice I fell and nearly froze, another petal of the rose.

This was a time I got in trouble at school as I broke yet another rule.

This was graduation, marriage, family, good and bad, of which I've viewed much too oft as sad.

When each petal did unfold, the rose grew in beauty bold.

So special your life too as this rose, with each day a story told and another petal of your life does unfold.

You like this rose have a special love, which comes most straight from God above.

Today you are a rose and are not here for another day old, but are here to share God's beauty in the life you have lived, and a precious story you have told.

Written by Bob Wood


Song Of Solomon 2:1

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

I am so thankful I do not have to shine everyday on my own power..I knew a man once, that all admired for a while..No matter what, He answered all was great, the world was great, and that is the way we all should feel..It got a little old after a while to we that live in the real world of bills, child abuse, murder and sin all around..Sure I look for beauty in each day, but somedays the beauty is very hard to see through tear filled eyes..A child is abandoned by parents, a spouse dies, and another is dying of cancer..We can however look to the One that is and always comes out as a rose..We know He is the beauty, in not just one valley, but the scripture says valleys..It can't get dark enough, rough enough, nor cold enough to put out the light of Christ..Often we do not see it, but just because the moon is behind a cloud, doesn't mean it is not shining..If you are a Christian, you too are a rose..Thanks for being you and loving Jesus Christ.

Bob Wood

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