"You've Chosen To Stay"

It's true to get to heaven you must turn and pray, but with God you find you've come most far, when you've chosen to stay.

A marriage will die if you walk away, but will grow if you will stay.

A parents joy is not found in that left behind, but if they will stay, many rewards they will find.

It's so true we need friends all the time, but it's those that endure, that make the climb.

When one you love, to death passes away, and your life seems broken in two, you know you've come most far, because you've chosen to stay.

So when life seems heavy and you feel you can't go on, stop now and thank God, for joys that have grown.

These joys have been placed by God in your heart, which is savings never again overdrawn, because it's the love you've received and you have given, that you have grown.

It's not what you've lost but what you have gained, that your happiness is attained.

And though now your life seems quite the strain, you know now, you can go on and through the pain, and you've come most far, because you've chosen to stay.

Written by Bob Wood

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