"You Will Be Bright"

In this world we are gifted with love which lives on still, for those gone above though against our will.

We have friends and some are blind, which see more forth than we behind.

Once were those we loved so dear, and we simlpy reached to hold them near.

They in this life have climbed the wall, and each time they slipped, became more tall.

I saw once a morning glory that grew in a wall so deep, which searched for light that it might peep.

Its entire life it spent in search of light, for to live in darkness, was just not right.

I rushed to see on the other side, to see a beauty which none should hide.

With blooms not few and oh so blue, with my own eyes, saw why it had struggled through.

It was in the light with dark behind, and whispered to the wall's other side and those still blind.

Keep looking up and reach for the light, and though now in dark, you will be bright.

Written by Bob Wood

I too have those I miss in heaven, which have already crossed to the other side. I find much comfort knowing where they have gone, and how they do now shine. Find someone in the dark today and point to the light to show them the way.

Bob Wood


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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

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